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What is Body Rolling?

Zake Yamuna body rolling is an additional fitness routine that uses a small Yamuna body rolling ball, shaped like a yoga ball. You can roll this specifically designed ball you over your muscles to tone, and relieve them of stress and other issues. Not only will your muscle aches and pains disappear, but body rolling can give you a total body workout, to burn fat and tone your whole body.

Yamuna body rolling is easy and can be easily incorporated into your daily Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi routines, to increase stability and wellbeing of the body, mind and soul.

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Yamuna body rolling, incorporates a wide range of movements to easily and effortlessly,
- Increase posture
- Increase flexibility
- Enhance internal organs
- Increase muscle mass
- Tone core muscles
- Improve general well-being and fitness
- Provides body support and strength during and after pregnancy

Equipment - Body rolling balls

Yamuna body rolling balls are small, round foam rollers with a smooth surface.
The techniques use your weight and motion on the ball to stop muscle and bone tension. Yamuna Body Rolling balls are avalible here (Free workout DVD included)

Apart from the Yamuna body rolling balls, you can also use the Yamuna foot waker to treat sore and tired feet. You can purchase the Yamuna foot waker kit with an included workout dvd from here.

Techniques and Tips

Yamuna body rolling is performed on the ground. The technique involves rolling your muscles over balance balls of the specified size and firmness. Respiration deeply and retardation down after you roll on sore spots could facilitate to unleash muscle tension. Keeping your hands or feet involved with the ground, reckoning on the part you are rolling on the ball, permits you to regulate your weight against the ball to manage the quantity of pressure on the muscles. The rolling methodology needs progressing from one part to the next; complete one arm or leg before rolling the opposite one.


A session of body rolling might embody rolling from the buttocks to the os, from the buttocks to the heels, from the shoulders to the wrists, from the collar bones to the hips and from the hips to the knees on the front of every thigh. In her book, "The final Body Rolling exercise," Yamuna suggests rolling the rear daily to assist stretch the muscles that support the spine.

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